TAXI MOM's Pricing is the key factor to this business. Our pricing is structured based on what I would pay as a customer to have my kids transported. Our pricing is set based on miles from the school to the home on a weekly basis. We do occasionally pick up students on a one time need based on availability. Our policy for the weekly rate is whether they ride or not the rate stays the same to reserve their seating. Listed below is our price schedule: 

One Way
Round Trip
Within 1 Miles:
Within 2 Miles:
Within 3 Miles:
Within 4 Miles:
Within 5 Miles:
6 Miles or more:
email or callemail or call

Once you have determined that you want to utilize our service, please email us at and request your application and policy and we will gladly get you started. 
We do offer discounts to our families that have more than one child. 
Daily Rates vary from $12 and up per ride based on distance.